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Jiangyin Huada Polyester Plastic Co.,Ltd. located in the scenic Jiangnan --- Jiangyin. Wuxi Taihu south, north of the Yangtze River, south of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, north along the high-speed. PATTERSON Di Plastic Co., Ltd. Jiangyin plant area of ​​10 acres, plant area of ​​4,000 square meters. Have excellent R & D, production and strong technical team, is a professional production and sales of various large companies masterbatch products.

The company has several imported and domestic plastics machinery and equipment, with the domestic advanced level of single and twin-screw extruder and rheometer test equipment and computer matching and other advanced equipment, is specialized in producing all kinds of masterbatch. Add masterbatch, engineering materials and functional masterbatch masterbatch manufacturers. The main products are blowing masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, ABS masterbatch, masterbatch metal, pearl masterbatch, a variety of filler, UV masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, anti-foaming masterbatch, more than 10 series products and hundreds of masterbatch products with strong hiding power. Dispersion, bright color. Functional masterbatch significant effect, etc., the product can be widely used in blow molding, injection molding, flow dragonfly, drawing, plastic, plastic extrusion process. It also provides users with color masterbatch production of special specifications and services, you can also design other plastic products, recipes, from technology to provide users with a full range of service products. Welcome to the new and old customers patronage.

Our many years of professional experience will be thoughtful and meticulous service to provide you with a variety of inexpensive high-quality masterbatch products! Your satisfaction is our best return pay, your support is our hope that tomorrow, we would go hand in hand for a better success every day.


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