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PE masterbatch rust
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PE masterbatch rust
Blown dedicated VCI master batch (master batch) is a low density polyethylene (ldpe) VCI additive masterbatch, it contains a compound of the patent protection of a variety of metals, the manufacture of various plastic products VCI important added masterbatch. VCI masterbatch were mixed in a common polyethylene, polyethylene packaging can rust volatile gas adhered to the surface of iron or ferrous metals, thereby protecting the metal from corrosion of any kind. for single-screw or twin-screw extruder bars, to the masterbatch added in a proportion of 5% -6% of low density polyethylene, the mixture was stirred fifteen minutes, to the mixture was poured into the extruder hopper stir processing. applicable range of metal copper, brass, aluminum, steel, tin, silver, iron, steel products
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